Our Adoption Process

Are you interested in adopting a new family member? Check out profiles of all of our adoptable pets, or stop by our facility and page through our adoption binders. PLEASE NOTE that many of our animals are in foster or off site. Because of this, we are not a walk-through facility and we require appointments to meet our adoptable pets.

1. The first step on your road to adopting a rescue is to fill out an Adoption Survey! You can do so over the phone, or by completing a survey at our facility. We want to get to know you and your lifestyle so we can help you find the best matched pet for your family. 2. After the survey is completed, if we determine you are a good match for your animal of interest, we will either schedule a meet and greet or put you on that animal's wait list. Be prepared to bring your entire household to your scheduled meet and greet, resident dogs included. Please also bring with you items listed on the Adoption Checklist on your right. 3. If the meet and greet goes well and everyone agrees that you've met the right pet for your lifestyle, you will then fill out our Adoption Contract! 4. Once we process your contract, we will call you to schedule a Home Check and we will bring your new pet to you! The home check includes a quick walk-through of the home and yard (if you have one) to ensure the safety of the animal.
Although a fenced yard isn't required for most of our dogs, there are special cases where our trainers will make that requirement based on an animal's energy level, exercise needs, and/or potential to be a flight risk. We ask that dogs always be supervised while outdoors, and that they are always on a leash unless in an enclosed area such as a fenced yard or a dog park. Our animals come home to you fully vetted, spayed or neutered and microchipped. We also include 3 days of food and medical records. Dogs come with a leash and harness, and cats come with a collar. For all animals, we include materials to assist with integration and training tips. 5. ENJOY YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER! But rest assured that if you have any questions along the way, Emerald City Pet Rescue is always available to offer support to you and your new pet. Once you've adopted from us, you will always be considered a part of our Emerald City Pet Rescue Family!

Adoption Checklist

- Must be 21 or over to adopt.
- Must be within a two-hour driving distance of our Sodo location. (Some exceptions are made.)

- No international adoptions.

- Government-issued ID
- If You Rent : Copy of pet policy or landlord verification

- If You Have a Dog : Proof of spay/neuter and vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper/parvo, Bordetella, Lepto)
- Contact information for 3 references (personal, professional, and vet reference.)

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